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" Miksi olen taas väärässä? No ei se mitään. Kaikki on hyvin."

Translation:– Why am I wrong again? – Well, it happens. Everything is fine.

July 7, 2020



'ei se mitään' could be also translated as 'it's ok', and 'kaikki on hyvin' as 'all is well'


Agree. Those are the most natural answers. Please report.


so the hint says "that's ok" is an option for "ei se mitään", but that answer then gets marked as wrong. And, yes, "it's ok" should really be added, as it is the most natural answer in English, was going to write that, but went with a hint, and... Reported.


hahahahaha. Super funny how it's impossible to get the correct answer to the "Why am I wrong again" word cloud and the only way to move past the question is to click "can't listen now" to get the open text field version of this question. Great training for finding your way around tech glitches combined with language challenge.

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