"This blogger uploads stupid photos."

Translation:Cette blogueuse met en ligne des photos stupides.

July 7, 2020

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How does one know 'this blogger uploads stupid photos' is Feminine? Where is the clue as to gender?


"Ce blogueur télécharge des photos stupides" is correct but was rejected. Reported. "Télécharger" means both to upload and to download. I live in France and use French websites every day, and frequently have to "télécharge" documents to them.


"Ce blogueur met en ligne des photos stupides" was rejected.

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For what it is worth "Ce blogueur met des photos stupides en ligne " was accepted 11/9/2020. Is there a preference for "en ligne" to be placed immediately after mettre or rather at the end of the sentence?


I have this question, too. The Sentences with "update" seem to want mettre (quelque chose) à jour, but this Sentence defaults to mettre en ligne (quelque chose). Except for the masculine variant. I think they're probably all acceptable, and we just need to report them.
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Can "télécharger" not be used for both upload and download? Or is it just for download?


I believe "télécharger" is a more accurate translation than "mettre en ligne". You can upload a file (e.g. to an archive) without it appearing on-line.


Yes, it means both. There's also the less common "téléverser"; mettre en ligne just means "to put online".


as previous comments - no indication whether male or female

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