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  5. "valkoiset housut"

"valkoiset housut"

Translation:white pants

July 7, 2020



I got "pants" not accepted in another sentence and now "trousers" are not accepted. I think both should work unless it refers specifically to underwear but I don't think so


You're right, they both should be accepted. Underwear in Finnish is "alusvaatteet" and the pants one is "alushousut", to name a few.


Is this cognate with Norwegian "hoser"?


Yes, it's probably from Swedish as a lot of words, but they usually change so much in Finnish it's hard to recognize them :)


Modern swedish does not use this word, which had the form "hosor", and was used up to about AD 1500. This word is plural as those trousers more like two tubes with the upper ends wrapped around your mid-section. Present-day swedish word is "byxa" from english "buck-hose" ... So, yes housut is almost certainly loaned from Swedish.

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