"We think Laura has a lot of style."

Translation:On trouve que Laura a beaucoup de style.

July 7, 2020

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'nous croyons que Laura a beaucoup de style' - what have I got wrong and what have I written?


I think Duo wants us to see the difference between I think (trouver) and I believe (croire). In English we do tend to use those interchangeably in expressions like this, but there is a difference in meaning.


But I keep wondering what the deal is in French. I have read that croire, trouver et penser are synonyms, but Duo seems to make a small distinction between them.

I know that sometimes croire strongly means "believe" as in opinion or faith, but other times it casually means the same as penser or trouver.

And I know that someone on Duo said trouver is based on observation and investigation, but still sometimes it seems to mean the same as penser.

It's confusing, but maybe someone can explain. Or maybe you only pick up the distinction as you become fluent.

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Isn't this a judgment? Why don't we use the subjunctive?


"Trouver que" requires the Subjunctive in the negative or in the interrogative, but takes the Indicative in the affirmative. The same is true of "penser que" and "croire que" (according to both Le Bon Usage and Le Grand Robert).

However, many natives get this wrong, believing the Subjunctive to be optional.

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