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  5. "Ahma istuu hiljaa maassa."

"Ahma istuu hiljaa maassa."

Translation:The wolverine is silently sitting on the ground.

July 7, 2020



Why can't I put 'silently' at the end of this sentence ?


"Silently" actually works better at the end of the sentence in English.


Why is hilja now silently and not quietly?


as a fluent English speaker I am pretty sure that "quietly" and "silently" are synonyms


Tony, I have to disagree. Silent = no noise. Quiet = very little noise. My garden is quiet. Outer space is silent.

[deactivated user]

    Question: had the sentence been "Ahma istuu hiljassa maassa." would it then mean "The wolverine is sitting on the quiet ground"? I ask because I want to understand the dynamics of cases here. Of course "quiet ground" is debatable, unless an earth quake is going on.


    Hi, good question and you are on the right track. However, hiljaa is an adverb and doesn't have cases. The corresponding adjective is "hiljainen" and you could say "Ahma istuu hiljaisessa maassa" (which sounds a bit weird) or, for example, "Ahma elää hiljaisella alueella" = "The wolverine lives in a quiet area."


    Course has become a pain thanks to... such English.


    Would love to know why it's wrong to put the translation as "the wolverine is sitting on the ground silently."


    Not accepted and reported: the wolf sits quietly on the ground (same thing, different words)

    I get the feeling that this course, which I like very much, is being very nitpicky when it comes to English. omg... I thought I was here to learn Finnish. :-(


    They are still working on the course, so it's not finished yet. Every new course goes through the beta phase first. Reporting mistakes, missing alternatives etc. helps the course and the volunteer team to improve it. :)


    Hear, hear! I agree. As a professional English language copywriter who also reads and writes Japanese, I believe that when learning a totally alien language it is most practical to just memorize patterns with particular words, and save the synonyms for later. The concept of "correct translation" is misguided. There is only effective or ineffective communication. Once you get the patterns down so they are automatic, you can start experimenting with creative expression.

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