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  5. "You speak fluent English."

"You speak fluent English."

Translation:Puhut sujuvaa englantia.

July 7, 2020



It should also accept "Puhutte sujuvaa englantia".


Random question regarding FruleinKle's comment, would the reason that is not accepted be because it would need to be "Te puhutte suhuvaa englantia"? Where as puhut can work by itself? I saw somewhere that some words need the first bit, but could be making it all up.


You don't need te in second person plural. Only hän/se/he/ne in third person singular and plural. In formal Finnish that is.


I believe only third person singular and plural need the pronoun


What about ´´Puhut sujuvasti englantia´´? I understand that this variant would be literally translated as ´´You speak fluently English´´, however too me this form makes more sense as it describes ´´how´´ well you speak and not ´´what´´ you speak ...


If a typo is in the ending e.g. Puhuu in place of Puhut then it shouldn't be accepted as a typo. It is the hard part of Finnish that I'm trying to learn!


Yeah... but it would be mukava to speak other languages fluently too! ^_^

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