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Articles and continuous verbs

Please please please please can the course moderators fix the definite/indefinite articles in English? I have been marked wrong so many times for using "a" as opposed to "the", when I'm pretty sure both are actually correct. I've noticed a similar thing with continuous verbs too ("is sitting" might be accepted, whereas "sits" might not be)!

I love this course so so much though, and thank you for putting in so much time already!! <3 Rakastan suomea!

July 7, 2020

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There are plenty of articles and verb forms still missing. We are aware of this and are working on it. Please remember that we are still in Beta. If you want to help us, use the flag icon to report any missing translations. It takes quite some time for the system to adopt edits though, so please be patient.

I would like to remind you that sometimes a certain form really is not an acceptable translation. Certain Finnish sentence types have very strong preferences regarding what form of an English verb is the one to use in the translation. The same applies to articles. Especially in sentences with olla, in which the word order is very important in terms of what article to use in the translation. :)

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