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  5. "tämä sinappi ja tuo ketsuppi"

"tämä sinappi ja tuo ketsuppi"

Translation:this mustard and that ketchup

July 7, 2020



Another way to write ketchup is catsup -- this should be counted as correct.


Catsup? Whaaat? I have never heard of this.


In what region of the world is that used?


Catsup should be accepted, so I'm reporting it, too. It's accepted in other exercises but not this one.


An easy way to remember "sinappi", is that when you eat a tablespoon full of "mustard", it feels like all of the "synapses" in your brain are on fire!


I didn't here the word 'ja' at all in the dictation because it wasn't there. The answer however requires the word 'ja'. Hmmmm


It is there, but it's relatively weak. Exactly how I would pronounce it, so it doesn't sound strange to me. It almost sounds like "ketsuppi-a sinappi". :)


Or "tämä sinappi-a tuo ketsuppi", as it actually is.


I spelled ketchup wrong, I think it's American and I'm not familiar with it. We don't have it in Australia. I'll try and learn the American word too.


According to Wiktionary, it is often called "tomato sauce" outside of America, including in Australia.


Would you say catsup? I already reported this -- they should accept both. I'm from the U.S. but I write it both ways.


It would be helpful if DUOLINGO were consistent among the ccespted answers. There is variation within and between lessons.

FYI: Terminology (Wikipedia) ”The term used for the sauce varies. Ketchup is the dominant term in American English and Canadian English, although catsup is commonly used in some southern US states and Mexico.

Tomato sauce is more common in English-speaking countries outside North America. In Canada and the US tomato sauce is not a synonym for ketchup but a sauce made from tomatoes and commonly eaten with pasta.

Red sauce is the term used in Welsh English, Scottish English, Ulster English and some parts of England, such as the Black Country, and in South London, contrasting with brown sauce. In Canadian and American English, "red sauce" refers to various tomato-based sauces like marinara commonly paired with pasta dishes, or in southwestern regions refers to red chile sauces used with tamales, enchiladas, and similar dishes, and is not a synonym for ketchup...”


I am so sorry i am to let for wark


Did anyone hear the 'ja'

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