"Elle est chanteuse ou danseuse ?"

Translation:Is she a singer or dancer?

July 7, 2020

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In English, I would say "a singer or a dancer" rather than just "a singer or dancer" like it is written here.


I still don't understand why sometimes the French include the "a" dancer and sometimes not. Something I'm not getting. Help?


Why doesn't Duo invert the subject pronoun and the verb for questions? It would make it much easier to identify the sentence as a question.


Spoken french does not often invert the subject pronoun and the verb for questions. The interrogative form is guessed from the rising intonation at the end of the sentence. Yet, in such kind of sentences (asking for this or that) the rising intonation must be put on the first term (chanteuse), not the last one.


It was a typo. I typed Is she a singer or a dancer and my phone changed it to is she's singer or a dancer?!?


Why is it not ell' est


Elle doesn't contract.

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