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  5. "Meillä on pieni piha."

"Meillä on pieni piha."

Translation:We have a small yard.

July 7, 2020



Garden = English UK, yard is American should both be correct

[deactivated user]

    Agree. Reported.


    British English is garden


    But in Finnish, 'piha' doesn't necessary have a garden, which is 'puutarha'.


    In the UK we don't use "yard" in this sense. If you say "yard" to a brit they will likely think you are talking about a distance of apx. 90cm.

    An industrial area might have a yard, c.f. a "breakers yard" or a "railway yard", although I think this is an americanism. However a british house never has a "yard" it always has a "garden". The word you are suggesting is more like "(ornamental) gardens".

    Yanks will talk about their house's "front yard" we say "front garden". It is a "garden" irrespective of whether it has any plants at all, you can have paved or decked it entirely and its still a "garden"

    If a house can have a "piha" (and one of the other example sentences does) it would be correct to translate it as "garden"

    A translation can never be perfect but either yard or garden should be acceptable.


    Even my Finnish native speaker spouse translated this as 'garden'. This should be a Finnish course, and not an English course. Takes all the fun out of learning the language here.


    The course is still in beta. Reporting missing translations etc. makes it better.

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