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  5. "Minulla on sininen lasi."

"Minulla on sininen lasi."

Translation:I have a blue glass.

July 7, 2020



The options I got were lasi and vesi. Is there any reason why vesi would not be acceptable here? The possible answers may need to be tweaked.


"Minulla on sininen vesi." doesn't sound that good because vesi is a mass noun and it should be in partitive case here, "Minulla on sinistä vettä."

In the nominative case it points at a whole something of water and that's usually what one cannot really possess as a whole.

Edit: Fixed my own typo.


As someone who understands the partitive, that makes perfect sense. I don't know that a beginning English speaker would get that, though, without explanation in advance.


"Minulla on sininen vesi" - I have the blue water. (A bit odd, but technically also possible)

"Minulla on sinistä vettä" - I have (some) blue water.

"Minulla on sininen lasi" - I have a blue glass.

"Minulla on sininen lasi vettä" - I have a blue glass of water. (filled with/containing water)

"Minulla on sininen vesilasi" - I have a blue water glass.


Is "Minulla on sininen vesi." natural when blue water had been referenced beforehand? Like "that blue water you asked about"?


I'm not sure if I understood your question, but glass is lasi, water is vesi. If you got a hint that says glass may be vesi, that's a mistake and should be reported.


Why "the blue water" is marked as wrong?


I meant " the blue glass" was marked as a wrong answer. Why should it be "a blue glass"?

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