Translation:to realize

July 7, 2020



I used the English spelling of realise and it was marked wrong. I live in England.


Report it.

Although, using an "s" instead of a "z" is a modern idea. During the Second World War there were signs all over Britain forbidding entry to unauthorized persons. Now the signs usually forbid unauthorised persons to enter.


Even today, "z" is possible in commonwealth nations. It's usually less common, but the important thing is generally that you stay consistent when writing and don't use a mix of both -ise and -ize.


Those signs may have been.posted around places where US troops were stationed, perhaps by US commands.


I have seen photos of signs that forbade entry to unauthorized persons that were erected in Britain before Pearl Harbor.

I now have the Oxford Style Manual, which is opposed to American usages and it says "authorize not -ise," and "realiz/e not -is-"

NB. My punctuation is unusual in this comment because I am quoting the entries in a dictionary.


Guess it's fixed. I wrote realise and it was accepted


I just typed in 'realize' without 'to' and it was marked wrong. Am I learning finnish or english!?


Tajuta is an infinitive. That why leaving out the “to” was marked wrong. English infinitives always include “to”—-to realise, to want, to be, to run, etc.


There are also bare infinitives. For example, I think "You may realize it tomorrow" can be translated 'Saatat tajuta sen huomenna'.


väärin, in english, the only thing that distinguishes a verb from a noun is its place in the sentence. that infinitive stuff is just for TEFL purposes. if you ask an english speaker to give a verb they will never provide the infinitive. zero percent chance. why are people downvoting poor foxtrott?


It's for learning any language from English too.


I am a native Korean speaker, and yes, I'm learning Enlgish while learning Finnish as well

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