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Recordings vs Computer Generated Speech

First, awesome that Finnish is on Duo Lingo thank you to all who made it happen.

The computer generated voice is pretty good. Comparing the Finnish course to the Latin course... Latin had people recording the sentences and at least while in beta, some recordings were fine and some recordings were lower quality leading some users to complain.

Overall, I like listening when it's a real person reading the sentences, especially when it's multiple people. I even find it helpful when some of the recordings aren't as well recorded, helping me to train my ear.

Are there human recordings sprinkled throughout this course or is it all computer generated? Or would that change over time? Again, I'm just happy to have the course up and the computer generated speech is well beyond what I'm use to. I figure the course was able to be completed faster (or maybe at all) thanks to that tool. I'm not complaining. But if I can hear Finnish speakers too, I look forward to that.

Thank you again for the hard work on this great course!

July 7, 2020



Human recordings are only used in courses for which text-to-speech is unavailable, so you won't find them sprinkled throughout this course.

Here's an interesting article explaining the benefits of TTS: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/machine-learning/powering-language-learning-on-duolingo-with-amazon-polly/


Thank you. That's very thorough!

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