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  5. "Sinä olet viisas ihminen."

"Sinä olet viisas ihminen."

Translation:You are a wise person.

July 7, 2020



"You are a wise human" was rejected. Ihminen = human, henkilö = person.

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That's true, but to point out a practical difference between the languages: I'd feel weird for saying "you are a wise human" to anybody because to me it sounds like I was mostly making a point about them being a human species. In Finnish that's not the case with ihminen – using it in a sentence like this is a standard and quite natural way of addressing someone.


Yes, it is a natural way to say in Finnish. The problem is in the English sentence, where a literal translation was rejected.


Human should be acceptable. It's not as unnatural to say "you are a wise human" as you think.

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