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"Osaatko sinä käyttää Duolingoa?"

Translation:Do you know how to use Duolingo?

July 7, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Why can we not ask "can you use" perhaps its unclear if its from voida


    "Can" should be accepted in this sentence. It has been accepted in sentences elsewhere meaning exactly the same thing.


    En tiedä, miksi olen tässä!


    Well I think I do if I got this far?


    Would it be wrong not having "sinä" explicit in the sentence?


    You can leave it out.


    So is "are you able to use duolinguo" correct?


    See my comment here about the nuances in Finnish.

    I have a couple of times written here in Duolingo, that we have "cans", "mays", "be ables" etc. on one side and kyetä, osata, pystyä, voida etc. on the other side and there is no universal correspondence between those. Rather the context is the king.

    Oxford learner's dictionary says that "able to do something" is used as a modal verb with the meaning "to have the skill, intelligence, opportunity, etc. needed to do something". I read that so that here "to be able to" would be more kyetä than osata and hardly voida, but I may be wrong. In my book the given translation with "know how" is the best, "be able to" a borderline but definitely not "can". Report it to have your answer checked.


    Thanks Juha.

    These non-alignments are difficult, but in fact one of the joys of using DL, combined of course with the erudite and very informative, and often very funny comments of the users. which I very much appreciate.

    This is all giving me not only rudimentary finnish knowledge, but also unexpected insights into the structure of my native tongue, which I find fascinating.

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