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  5. "Hilla is a child."

"Hilla is a child."

Translation:Hilla on lapsi.

July 7, 2020



In Finnish, is there no word for 'a/an'?


No, there's no articles in Finnish. Apparently the missing indefinite and definite articles can be expressed with the word order - the earlier a word appears in the sentence, the more important it is. This sentence for example:

  • Hilla is a child. = Hilla on lapsi.
  • Hilla is the child. = (Se) lapsi on Hilla.

Latter is bit clumsy with this context but maybe you can get the point! We also sometimes use "se" to emphasize a noun the same way English uses "the".


Can "tämä" and similar words also be used for emphasis?


'Hilla' or 'lakka' (depending on a region) is how we usually call the cloudberry. Here it's used as a female name, but it's not a common name. (Btw, 'lakka' also means lacquer/ varnish. Welcome to the weirdness of Finnish language! :D)


Yeah, Hilla is more like an old-school name nowadays :)


It was Top 3 in up-and-coming names in 2017, being also the 18th most popular name for girls that year. Not bad for an otherwise marginal name in Finnish history.

The names tend to come and go in cycles. Young people look into their ancestry (grandparents, great grandparents) for ideas on how to name their children.


Yeah, I have met many children with names that I'd mainly associate with people my grandparents' age. Alma, Elvi, Vieno, Vuokko, Arvo, Aarre, Eino, Paavo, Unto, Vilho... :)

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