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"– A cup of coffee, please? – Do you want some milk or sugar?"

Translation:– Kuppi kahvia, kiitos. – Haluatko maitoa tai sokeria?

July 7, 2020



Why is "haluatteko" not allowed? It is the formal/polite version and I would have thought more appropriate.


I know I mentioned this a couple of times in other threads. But: shouldn't it be "vai" instead of "tai". Since tai is exclusive (meaning "either...or..." But not both). And milk AND sugar is a valid option here


"Tai" is actually not exclusive. "Both" is included as one of the options that are assumed to be possible by someone asking a tai-question. "Vai" is the exclusive one.


Thank you very much. This also clears up my problems with the other threads.

I've got those two switched.


The first sentence has a question mark in English so could you use "Kuppiko kahvia, kiitos?"


The question mark is strange in both languages.

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