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  5. "Two angry dogs are growling."

"Two angry dogs are growling."

Translation:Kaksi vihaista koiraa murisee.

July 7, 2020



Should it be murisevat because we are talking about two dogs which is not a single form.


Apart from "yksi", numbers are considered amounts in Finnish, like "litra", "kilo", or "pullo". The noun and any adjective that precedes it are in the partitive singular, so the verb is in the singular as well. :)


Thank you, I too needed this explained


Say we were speaking of pairs like "Kaksi paria koiria" would it still be murisee and treat the pair as a unit hence singular ,would murisevat be the proper noun or is something else?


It would still be in the singular, although I wouldn't recommend using the kaksi paria koiria structure in the subject position with dogs and other things that do not usually come in pairs (unlike, say, socks). It sounds very clumsy. Try kaksi koiraparia or find some other way to express the same thing. It sounds perfectly natural as an object or a predicative though. :)


Nope. This is because a noun modified by a numeral gets treated as a singular by verbs, unless there's something else in the sentence that causes the several things to be treated as individuals instead of as a single group.


One of the options was "Kaksi vihaista sipulia murisee".

Made me laugh :)


One of mine was "Kaksi vihaista koiraa haisee". :D


Lol i think thats called heartburn


For German/knowing German learners - associating the "vihainen"'s partitive "vihaista" to the German question "wie hei├čt das?" can be really helpful to remember the word :)


Is dogs plural also not koirat because of this same rule of singular no matter the number ?


The plural nominative form is indeed "koirat". However, after numerals other than "yksi" you need the singular partitive, "koiraa".

"Koira murisee." - the dog growls/is growling

"Yksi koira murisee." - one dog growls/is growling

"Koirat murisevat." - (the) dogs growl/are growling

"Kaksi koiraa murisee." - two dogs growl/are growling

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