"I will be able to vote in the next election."

Translation:Je pourrai voter à la prochaine élection.

July 7, 2020

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So why do we say " la semaine prochaine ", but, "la prochaine élection "??

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If you do a Google search for dernièr(e) and prochain(e) and the rules about placement before or after nouns, you’ll see the rule is not simple. Usually (but not always), dernièr and prochain go after nouns having to do with time, such as jour, semaine and mois, so it would be “la semaine dernière”. For others nouns, the modifier usually (but not always) goes before the noun, e.g., “la prochaine élection”. With this tip you should get the placement of dernièr and prochain correct most of the time. But, unfortunately, not always. The complexity of the rule is illustrated by this example: both “la prochaine réunion” and “la réunion prochaine” are correct, but they have different meanings. The joys of learning French!


that was actually helpful, thanks!


J'arriverai voter à la prochaine election. Rejected. Why? I checked it on Reverso and it translated it as right.


I think you need a preposition. J'arriverai à voter.


Thank's. I'l check it out.


How about "je arriverai a voter"?


my question also (except j'arriverai) so whilst you have that typo then it still didnt seem to work ?????


How you tried "J'arriverai à voter..." (with the accent)?


Je serai capable de voter? Non, pourquoi pas?

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