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  5. "Oho, tämä on väärä silta."

"Oho, tämä on väärä silta."

Translation:Oh, this is the wrong bridge.

July 7, 2020



What is the difference between väärä and väärin? They both mean wrong/incorrect. How do you know which one to use?


"Väärä" is an adjective whereas "väärin" is an adverb.


Both "a" and "the" wrong bridge should be accepted. If there are many wrong bridges, any one of them would be "a" wrong bridge; if there is only one wrong, it would be "the" wrong bridge. Both make sense, depending on the context.


So, why is "Oho" translated as "Oh wow" in some lessons? Does it really matter?


Like all things in translation, it depends on the context. "Oho" can express surprise, acknowledgement of a mistake or an accident, and being impressed.

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