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  5. "Where is the right theater?"

"Where is the right theater?"

Translation:Missä oikea teatteri on?

July 7, 2020



How do you know when to use oikein and when to use oikea?


"Oikein" is an adverb and "oikea" is an adjective. For example:

  • "Se on oikein." = "That is correct/right."
  • "Se on oikea." = "That is the correct/right one."


Is "se on" it is? I thought "tuo" was "that"


Since there's no context then both ,"missä oikea teatteri on "and "missä on oikea tèateri " are or should be correct


There's a slight difference in meaning, if one wants to be exact. The earlier something is introduced in a sentence, the more important it is.

"Missä oikea teatteri on?" [Where is the right/correct theater?]

"Missä on oikea teatteri?" emphasizes more the missä and places oikea teatteri last, kinda making it "a right theater", which would be weird in English. It could also sound a bit like [Where is a real/true theater?]

However, it's not wrong to say it like that in Finnish - just a tad less natural. The first option simply is a better one.


Thanks for elaborating on this nuance. While more painstaking and frustrating, seems learning conventional-natural option(s) would benefit us further in the long-run especially with spoken idiom, than just habitually getting by and facing pitfalls later with technically corrrect but unconventional options.


It doesn't really matter about context. This is a mistake that Duolingo needs to correct. My Finnish cousin said that either placement of "on" is correct -- at the end, or right after "missä".


Yes, there are dozens of these mistakes in the course with the placement of 'on' being marked incorrect.


Of course, the point is learning the language, but damn does it make me mad when I accidentally write it the "wrong" way, and don't get my "Perfect" comment!


Missä on oikea teatteri is correct as well


Both ways are correct

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