"Un jour on aura une présidente de la République."

Translation:One day, we will have a female president of the Republic.

July 7, 2020

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In this case I feel that the word female should be specifically shown if it is required. I gave the non-sexist response, omitting the female part


présidente. (It is specifically shown)


Yeah but we don't say male president when translating président. I wouldn't say female president for présidente.


I understand that it clearly represents a female president, but is it normal to specify female in a translation like this or is it an exception because we don't see many female presidents and consider it an important distinction to make? Would we translate something like directrice or boulangère in the same way?


No we wouldn't do the same for a baker, for example. I think the reason we do it here is because plainly that's the point DL wants the French sentence to make.

Whether or not it's how the French would actually say this is another matter. I'm inclined to think not.


If a speaker is making a statement about gender in office then surely they would emphasise the point more clearly by including the word female is describe the president.


Wow. Should I start putting the words male and female on all my sentences now.


I think " a woman president of the republic " is a better translation ?


Accepted on 18 August 21.


If you put the English statement into Reverso you get: "Un jour, nous aurons une femme présidente de la République" - which seems to make more sense.


I think this sentence is lacking some context. For example, if the preceding sentence were "Les présidents, ils sont les grands hommes." Then "female" would be implied by Duo's statement. Lacking that, I think this is a poor translation.

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