Word Order

Does anybody have a good resource for word order? Specifically for words like jo (already) and taas (again). I'm not sure grammatically what category those words fall into but I keep messing up with them.


July 7, 2020


They are adverbs! I didn't find any sources for the word order even though I tried. There aren't that many resources for that as Finnish word order is very flexible. Also: Some of your mistakes might have been just Duolingo not yet accepting every alternative translation!

Kielitoimiston sanakirjassa on muutama esimerkkilause, katso

Minä söin jo. I ate already.

Minä jo söin. I already ate.

Jo minä söin. Don't use this!

Johan minä söin. Can be used, but as you may notice, it adds a new morpheme -han "But I already ate" would be my translation.

"Minähän söin jo" would also be fine, emphasizing that I ate already, and while "Söinhän minä jo" is technically correct I think, it does sound clunky. A question "Söithän sinä jo?" sounds perfectly natural, though: "You did already eat, didn't you?" (not a direct translation, but has the same meaning and tone IMO).

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