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"We now have the time to visit London."

Translation:Meillä on nyt aikaa käydä Lontoossa.

July 7, 2020



Nyt meillä on aikaa käydä Lontoossa should be correct too


In my opinion the placement of nyt isn't critical.


IF the placement of nyt is unimportant, why did i get marked wrong for meilla nyt on?


Why has "käydä" the inner locative "Lontoossa" and not the moving locative "Lontooseen"? (Dec. 2020)


Rektiot---verb rections. Certain verbs require specific case endings for their objects. Käydä requires inessive case (or adessive for some location names). For example, minä käyn Helsingissä/Tampereella.

You would use the illative Lontooseen with mennä.


Also, at least when I say "käyn jossain" (I visit some place), I think of being temporarily in the place mentioned or being absent from my current/usual location, less about going there and returning, even though it requires that too. For example "käyn vessassa" (I'll use the restroom) or "käyn suihkussa" (I'll take a shower) or "käyn kotona" (I'll visit(?!) my home – no idea how to say this in good English if I currently live there).


Vierailla pitäisi hyväksyä myös vaihtoehdoksi

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