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  5. "What animal is that?"

"What animal is that?"

Translation:Mikä eläin tuo on?

July 7, 2020



When to use mitä or mikä? I can't tell. I try to cover the answers with my hand and say it out loud before looking at options. I said "mitä" to myself, but answer is obviously "mikä?


Most of the time, "mikä" is used only when it is the grammatical subject of the question and also countable. It is the nominative form and "mitä" is the partitive. (I hope this helps.)


I think that's an issue with the English language but "What (kind of) animal is that?" sounds to me like "Millainen eläin tuo on" and Im sure in finnish its two different things but in English I don't get it, can someone explain the difference in mikä and millainen in this sentence? Thank you


I would like to know that too! Why not millainen?

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