"Je doute qu'il embarque dans le bon avion."

Translation:I doubt that he will board the right plane.

July 7, 2020

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Wouldn't it be emarquera for he will board? Wouldn't il embarque be more like he is boarding?


If i recall correctly, subjonctif works for both present and future tenses in french.

4-4-3- Valeur des temps du subjonctif Le présent du subjonctif est employé dans la subordonnée lorsque le verbe principal est au présent, futur simple, imparfait de l’indicatif ou au présent du conditionnel.

Source: http://www.conjugaison.com/grammaire/subjonctif.html


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Thanks for taking the time to answer and providing that link. I think I get it now. This is the subjunctive (I didn't notice that) which in this case looks the same as the normal present tense. In the subjunctive the future and present forms of the verb are the same. (I wonder if that ever gets confusing).


The hint is "I doubt that" which leads to a hypothetical situation, not a definite one. After all, he MIGHT board the right plane.


Is "correct" plane not acceptable?


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