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  5. "Leo, what monument is that?"

"Leo, what monument is that?"

Translation:Leo, mikä monumentti tuo on?

July 7, 2020



"Mikä tuo monumentti on?" - is this totally wrong?


I think that would be a slightly different sentence, "What is that monument?"


Sometimes on is at the end, sometimes not.


It's often in the end in questions because the verb usually comes after the subject, even in questions. Finnish doesn't change the word order in questions unlike English does.


I answered "Leo mitä monumentti tuo on?" and it told me that "mitä" should be "mikä". Could someone explain the difference between those two word to me please?


'Mikä' is nominative, 'mitä' is partitive. You can use the latter when asking about mass nouns, for example:

  • Mitä tuo keitto on? = What is that soup? /'keitto' in nominative
  • Mitä keittoa tuo on? = What (kind of) soup is that? /'keitto' in partitive

Those two sentences don't have too big difference, and both can have the same answer. Basically you can also ask "Mikä tuo keitto on?" but in that case you are more of refering to the full kettle of soup, and not the soup itself inside the kettle.


Ahh I see, kiitos!

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