"Faisg air Iain."

Translation:Near Iain.

July 7, 2020

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Ive noticed a few times that "air" seems to sometimes be pronounced "aith" and sometimes pronounced "ayr". Ive noticed it when the letters form part of a word too, sometimes I hear "seanair" pronounced "hen-ath" and sometimes pronounced "hen-are"

Is this example, when I play the audio for the whole sentence its pronounced "aith" but when I hover the mouse over just the word its pronounced "ayr". Is this because the pronunciation changes depending on where you are in scotland, or is it dependant on the words and sounds that come before and after the word?


I have noticed that too, but I believe in this exercise the ending is slightly muted when selecting just the word.


I have also noticed this, and raised the same question several times but have yet to see a response.

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