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  5. "Yuck! This cheese is black!"

"Yuck! This cheese is black!"

Translation:Hyi! Tämä juusto on mustaa!

July 7, 2020



Why is it "mustaa" here, is it wrong to say "musta"?


I actually wouldn't necessarily say it's wrong to say "musta" either! Cheese can be a mass noun as well as a countable noun. With "musta" it sounds like the whole piece of cheese is black, with "mustaa" there's black in it but not necessarily the whole cheese. So I'd say that this English sentence doesn't really tell which one is the case with this particular cheese.


Why isn't "juusto" also a partitive case here?


It's being the subject and uses "olla" here in the most simple way possible, so it's in nominative. If it was the object, then it would take either partitive or accusative (looks like genitive) depending on if one would eat some of it or the whole thing.


Ah I see, thank you!

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