"Il cassait la vaisselle pour ne plus la faire !"

Translation:He was breaking the dishes in order to no longer do them!

July 7, 2020

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Regardless of the split infinitive this convoluted sentence would be hard for an ESL student


Is she correct sounding the s in ne plus la faire


No, but sometimes the "s" is pronounced. Refer to this: https://french.yabla.com/lesson-Pronouncing-%22Plus%22-375


Split infinitive!


…is just fine in English, because it's possible! Seriously, see the usage note from the OED that's quoted about midway down this page.

Sorry, I'm off-topic posting about English in the French forum. Mea culpa.


My issue is that it doesn't allow you to phrase it as to do them no longer - which is how one might prefer to say it.


very awkward english best He was breaking the dishes so he didn't have to do them anymore He was breaking the dishes so he no longer had to do them

as good as duo suggests He was breaking the dishes to no longer do them He was breaking the dishes to not do them anymore


I may have my tenses confused, but couldn't you say "he used to break the dishes"? In my family, that was the easiest way to get out of it. LOL


is it also correct to say "...pour ne la faire plus?"


So as not to do them any more?


Exactly! There were 8 kids and there were lots of chores we could choose to do. Washing dishes wasn't a favorite because it had to be done 3X each day whereas some of the other things were done once a day or even once a week.


The given answer is gibberish.

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