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"He istuvat ja istuvat ja ihailevat uutta siltaa."

Translation:They keep on sitting and admiring the new bridge.

July 7, 2020



Sounds awkward in English.


"admiring" might be better?


Yes, I think so. I also think it's a bit redundant to say "keep sitting and sitting." The Finnish is just "sit and sit" which I think might mean the same thing as "They keep sitting" or "they sit and sit" but surely we don't need both?


How does one keep sitting and sitting??


When I feel exhausted I sit while I sit so I can rest while I rest


if you want to use sitting and sitting ,then why you use the verb "keep"? also admiring is better than admire

[deactivated user]

    Very derived translation and not the greatest English either, they sit and sit was not a possible choice from the words either.


    They keep on sitting and (they do not keep on admiring so: ) admire the new bridge should be correct too in my opinion


    Why not "they continue sitting..." (instead of "keep on sitting")


    "They keep on sitting and are admiring the new bridge" should be correct. Otherwise I understand "they keep on sitting and the keep on admiring"

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