"Alice mettra cet article en ligne demain matin."

Translation:Alice will upload this article tomorrow morning.

July 7, 2020

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Surely "Alice will put this article online tomorrow morning" is more accurate and easier to understand!?


Alice will put this article online tomorrow morning

I think that's a good translation. I can't remember what I wrote for that sentence, or whether I got it in French, but I would imagine that this is exactly what I would write.

You should report it if it wasn't accepted.


Correct, upload doesn't mean the same thing as to put online, and upload in French is "telecharger"


"To upload" in French is actually "Téléverser". "Télécharger" actually means "to download", although it seems to be grossly misused to mean both.


While it is good to learn that there isn't a direct translation of upload from English to French, when going from French to English, they should accept your version. Do use the report feature.


Post online should work too. It was not accepted


"Téléverser" is actually the direct translation of "to upload" from English to French


Absolutely. Shey may have uploaded it yesterday and will put it online when it's approved. Or she may have written it on the company computer and stored it on the file server used for online content to begin with. In that case, there's no need to upload anything, and perhaps never was.

Uploading something and putting it online are two different things.


"Alice will put that article online tomorrow morning." is accepted nowadays.


Why not 'Alice will post this article online tomorrow morning' No-one 'puts' things online, do they?


People put all sorts of things online.

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