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  5. "Ovatko ne tässä?"

"Ovatko ne tässä?"

Translation:Are they right here?

July 7, 2020



what's the difference between "he" and "ne"?


"He" is about people and "ne" about everything else.


What about "Are THOSE right here?" Isn't it okay as well?


I'd translate that more as "Ovatko nuo tässä?" even though it maybe sounds a little bit weird in written Finnish to mix these different words with each other. I see there's something about demonstrative pronouns in the tips but not a simple list of all the words and their meanings, so here's the list of both the singular and the plurals:

  • tämä = this
  • tuo = that
  • se = it
  • nämä = these
  • nuo = those
  • ne = they (anything non-human; in spoken Finnish often used about people as well)
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