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  5. "Lakritsi on mustaa."

"Lakritsi on mustaa."

Translation:Licorice is black.

July 8, 2020



Note the American spelling is licorice. Please add it.


In English this is a debatable statement.


Liquorice can be reddish or even multicoloured as in liquorice allsorts.


This sentence could also mean "The licorice is black," in which case there's nothing to debate. It is or it isn't


Most licorice I had growing up was sweet and red (cherry or strawberry flavored, I think.) I knew of black licorice but no one I knew ate it as its flavor is so strong. Now of course I also see green, purple, pink, brown and other colors/ flavors in the store (root beer, grape, green apple, etc.)


Most licorice I had growing up was black. Black is the default colour of licorice for me.


Those other colors are not licorice. Only the black stuff is officially licorice. The others came to be called licorice because of their consistency.

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