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  5. "The juice is right here."

"The juice is right here."

Translation:Mehu on tässä.

July 8, 2020



what is the difference between tässä and tällä?


Both are different declinations of the demonstrative pronoun "tämä" (this).

  • "Tässä" is the inessive case. This word is usually used to express a placement of something that is really close, like the juice in the exercise.
  • "Tällä" is the adessive case. It works the same way as other pronouns too and usually the adessive with pronouns expresses the "ownership" of something. An example: "Tällä (tytöllä) on mehua." = "This (girl) has juice."


And what about täällä? Is it the same word? Why is it written differently?


täällä means "over here" in the sense "in the area I am in"/"in the direction I am in". It's something that's closer to the to the speaker than the person spoken to but not as close as tässä. The word order changes the definiteness in the English sentence. Sometimes it can also mean "this place". :)

  • Kissa on tässä. The cat is right here.
  • Kissa on täällä. The cat is over here.
  • Tässä on kissa. There is a cat right here.
  • Täällä on kissa. There is a cat over here.
  • Täällä on kaunista. This place is beautiful./It is beautiful in (over) here.


Thanks a lot! I'm still a bit confused about "tällä" and "täällä", even though I now have a good overview on "täällä" and "tässä". Or was it just a typo in the comments before and they meant the same word?


It may have been a typo but the word tällä exists. It's the adessive form of tämä, "this", the same way minulla is the adessive form of minä, "I".

  • Minulla on kissa. I have a cat.
  • Tällä on pentu. This one has a kitten.
  • Tällä kissalla on pentu. This cat has a kitten.

Miau! :)


Replying to Zzzzz...: Thank you so much. Now even the original comment (that explained the difference between tällä and tässä, which confused me a lot) makes sense.


you know what, I'm sorry but IMHO it's actually pretty funny to insist on such precise and arbitrary translations when English is in fact almost completely oblivious to those wee differences between here / over here / right here...


Both "here" and "right here" are accepted. However, we cannot accept "over here" because that's not what tässä means. :)


Hear, hear, I get that part, just wanted to point out that by learning to translate sentences one does not really learn how to properly use suomi in those different situations. Please take no offence, it may be just a duolingo limitation in general.


Aye, the owl is not without a fault. Although in this case the differences between Finnish and English are difficult to explain even without being limited by the owl. :)

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