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  5. "London is a large city."

"London is a large city."

Translation:Lontoo on suuri kaupunki.

July 8, 2020



So...here it shows the sentence as "Lontoo on suuri kaupunki." However, my multiple choice had "suurkaupunki" instead, which I thought was neat. However, is that an actual word, or just casual speech? Also, is there a name what this is called: suuri kaupunki = suurkaupunki? Thanks!


You could translate "suurkaupunki" as "metropolis". :)

The word itself is just a compound word, and I don't know if there's a more technical name for the phenomenon, the word "suuri" being shortened to "suur" in compounds. Other examples include: suurlähettiläs (ambadssador), suurmenestys (great success, as in e.g. a play being a suurmenestys), suursyömäri (glutton), suurvalta (superpower, as in a country being a suurvalta), suurkiitos (thank you very much), suurlakko (general strike), suursijoittaja (investor/financer with lots of assets), suursiivous (house cleaning when you clean absolutely EVERYTHING), suurteos (masterpiece, magnum opus), suurmies (a great man in the sense of someone (a man) being an important historical figure), suurnainen (same)... It's also used with place names. E.g. "Suur-Lontoo" would mean the Greater London region.


Suurkiitos, pieni chi!

[deactivated user]

    I have the same question: any takers?


    Iso large or suuri big all mean exactly the same

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