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  5. "Tämä kiisseli on sinistä."

"Tämä kiisseli on sinistä."

Translation:This kissel is blue.

July 8, 2020



After over 50 years in Australia I had never come across the word: -kissel-. (We just call it by its finnish name, kiisseli). Reminds of the German Kiesel(saüre) a water-clear jelly if prepared from aqueous sodium silicate.


Why should we use partitive here?


Because kissel is uncountable.


Whether like kissel, comparatively may the consistency of ice-cream, pulla, or milkshakes cause them to considered uncountable under rare circumstances.


Hi MN Prasanth, I think all substances are uncountable in Finnish, irrespective of their consistency. Portions of substances , scoops, tonnes etc are of course countable.


Thx, Janboevink. That helps. So to re-itterate whether my grasp is correct: whether preceded by an unquantifiable, or by a numeric other than yksi, we're almost safe to say, we're relegated to using singular partitive for subject /object declension, or verb conjugation. I'm curious whether that'll persist, through finnish, as I have yet to touch other moods or tenses in dl-finnish.


Hi again MNPrasanth. My Finnish is pretty awful, but I like to know a little bit when in Finland. I find the DL Finnish course easy but superficial. Every little bit helps. I like many of the comments of the moderators. I don't think verb conjugation has much to do with the use of the partitive, though of course some verbs specifically use the partitive; the same for all their forms I like to believe.


Janboevink, (seems I dont see an option-button to reply to your 2nd comment) Exactly, as you said dl's beta attempts intend not to make us scholars, but serve as superb stepping stones, lending us rudimentary skills and some confidence and to venture forth and try a new language, make our mistakes, revise, and hopefully visit these places or cultures to continually hone our grasp.


We don't have the word kissel in UK English, so the only word to use is the Finnish one, kiisseli, but that has been marked wrong.


I agree. We do not have the word kissel in American English either.


Fun to know many Finnish dishes and desserts here on Duolingo!

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