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  5. "Voi voi, suklaa sulaa."

"Voi voi, suklaa sulaa."

Translation:Uh-oh, the chocolate is melting.

July 8, 2020



Voi voi, kuin voi voi olla kallista.


"oh no the chocolate is melting" how is this wrong ? "oh no" argueably a much better translation than "uh-oh"


I love how with only one letter you can change "to melt" into "chocolate"


I think haggling over interjections like "uh-oh" and "oh no" is silly. All of them that are even close should be accepted just about anywhere. This question rejected "oh no..." instead of "uh-oh..." at the beginning and I can't see any valid reason for it doing so. Reported.


Among the suggested translation for voi voi is oh dear but then it is not accepted as answer. Why?


I think all possible translations of voi voi should be correct. it is no use to translate those exlamations. it is good to know what different kinds there are, but those things are different in every language, and cannot really be translated. so voi voi can be translated by oh oh or uh oh with or without the -. in this case oh no would be fine as well.

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