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  5. "Puistossa on outo kuusi."

"Puistossa on outo kuusi."

Translation:There is a strange spruce in the park.

July 8, 2020



In the park there is a strange spruce.


Nine months after this post and I got marked wrong too. Reported.


the "there" you and duolingo use in the translation is not in the finnish sentence... so not a correct translation.


it's not a locative "there" though, "there is" is a correct English wording indicating existence. Either "there is a strange spruce in the park" or "in the park there is a strange spruce" are idiomatic English, whereas "a strange spruce is in the park" or "in the park is a strange spruce" sound quite stilted.


"in the park is a strange spruce" should be correct


I wrote "In the park is a strange spruce" and it is marked wrong. I think it should be one of the correct options. BTW, I'm constantly writing this kind of note!


I think "kuusi" is the first homonym I've encountered in this course!

[deactivated user]

    Very useful to know


    I didn't mean to stop there! Like someone else wrote, you need to say and write "there is a strange spruce". You can't leave out "there". Many other languages have similar constructions. When you translate between languages, sometimes the wording will differ quite a bit, since the grammar and expressions are different between languages. The purpose of a translation is to express the same meaning from one language to another, not to translate word by word cause many times the translation then wouldn't make any sense in the language you translate into.

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