"I will not wait a minute more."

Translation:Je ne patienterai pas une minute de plus.

July 8, 2020

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What is the difference between attendre and patienter?


Good question. They are synonyms for "to wait" _ ex. J'ai patienté = J'ai attendu. Both mean "I waited" As your French vocabulary grows, you'll pick up various ways to say the same thing. Sometimes Duo doesn't code all of the alternate words for "correct" responses. Therefore, when you're sure that the word you used is correct but Duo says it's incorrect, be sure to check "My answer should be accepted" in the "Report" pull down menu, bottom left of the exercise page. Customer Service will send you an email confirming that your response will be added.


In this case you can not use "attendre" because the "ne" is already given. In order to use "attendre", you would had to connect "ne" and "attendre" forming "n'attend". The "ne" is already given, making the use of 'attendre" impossible.


why the 'de' before 'plus'?


Why do we need pas in this sentence? Doesn't plus provide the necessary second negative?


No, plus (no -s sound) can indead replace pas in a negative sentence, when it means anymore.
Here de plus (-s sound) means more and is necessary. It's not really part of the negation actually.


Thankyou Jojo, that is helpful


Is there anything wrong with 'Je ne patienterai plus une minute' ?


I think that would be something like "I will no longer wait a minute", which doesn't have quite the same meaning.


Je n'attendrai pas une minute de plus. Accepted :)


Why patienterai and not patienter?



Patienter is the infinitive: the unconjugated verb: to wait. You have to put it in first person future tense for it to make any sense. Je patienterai: I will wait. Je ne patienterai pas: I won’t wait.

You could, alternatively (I think) say: je ne vais pas patienter une minute de plus: I’m not going to wait one more minute.

But je ne pas patienter (The way the negative is used on infinitives) just doesn’t make sense. Literally, it would sort of mean: I not waiting.

Note: I’m not French, but, I’m really sure about this. I hope this helps.


Your explanation was very helpful. Best Regards.

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