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"Olen kalassa, vaikka järvi ei ole tyyni."

Translation:I am fishing, although the lake is not placid.

July 8, 2020



I'm not fishing in my shakespearian costume..one does not use placid..... Lest he be rent asunder... Calm is good for us peasants


"The lake is placid" -- 60,900 hits

"The lake is serene" -- 284,000

"The lake is calm" -- 763,000

"The lake is quiet" -- 8,930,000


An experienced fisher would say "I am fishing BECAUSE the lake is not placid." A little chop on the water makes for good fishing


An experienced native English speaker would NEVER say that a lake is placid unless he wants to sound very very silly.


And if he wanted to sound even sillier, he would call himself an experienced native English speaker.


This is a good example of a sentence in which "even though" is better. It is more like "despite the fact that" than "although."


On further thought, I see a difference. The Duo translation with "although" implies that maybe this was not such a good idea, whereas with 'even though" the speaker is displaying bravado.


Calm is the word most native English speakers would use in 2020.


Usually placid is a word we apply to people not nature. A lake would be calm or still, not placid.


Lake Placid is a ski resort in New York and has hosted the Winter Olympics a couple of times but that's the only lake that I would ever consider describing as placid, lol.


The lake is not calm, in my book.

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