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"Teacher, is that language Asian?"

Translation:Opettaja, onko tuo kieli aasialainen?

July 8, 2020



Shouldn't: 'Onko tuo asialainen kieli?' also be accepted?


That would be "Is that an Asian language?". So, basically it's the same, but structurally it is different.


Do kids really say "ope?" Over here, I've seen "Hey, teach!" in comic strips but I don't know that anyone actually says it. I have a vague memory of J. Karjalainen singing "Hei, ope!" in the song Rock 'n' Roll" tänään, but I can't find the lyris anywhere on line.


Yeah, "ope" is the most common way of addressing you teacher, unless you always use their first name. "Opettaja" gets some use, but it's a bit more formal and too long for some. :)

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