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"Teacher, why is this sentence so often wrong?"

Translation:Opettaja, miksi tämä lause on niin usein väärin?

July 8, 2020



This is one of the hardest sentences to get right


Yes, appropriate because I got it wrong three or four times before getting all of the words in there!


Yup, because it's longer than the Long Cat.


Got it right the first time


But we learned "niin" as "such a" and now they say it also means "so". Can someone explain further?


You can't use "such" in front of "often" in English, so it gets translated to "so" instead. I cannot explain what the grammatical reason is, it just is that way.


Why does "on" not come at the end of the question in this case?


It would be easier to answer that question if I knew why you assumed it ought to.


I thought I had noticed a pattern where "on" moved to the end of a sentence when it became a question but maybe I'm just tripping.


My guess is that you got tripped up by the fact that the word order in Finnish questions can be different from the word order in English questions. More specifically, English questions always do a subject-verb inversion. Finnish questions, on the other hand, do a subject-verb inversion only if there is no interrogative pronoun/adverb, which is when the question must begin with a verb. That's why a question beginning with an interrogative pronoun/adverb has what would be considered the word order of a statement in English, so for example, a word-for-word translation of "missä hän on?" would be "where (s)he is?". Keep in mind that in such questions, the verb only goes past the subject, not any other clause elements.


That makes a lot of sense, thank you!


I keep forgetting how to spell "opettaja" properly, that's why. I spell it fine when I hear it, but writing it out I always want to write "oppetaja".


Why do we need 'on' here?


Because that's the translation for "is".

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