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  5. "Hij speelt zeer goed."

"Hij speelt zeer goed."

Translation:He plays very well.

August 6, 2014



What are the differences between "zeer" and "heel"? Are they interchangeable?


I believe they mean the same exact things as adverbs and you can use either. But heel can also be used as an adjective meaning "whole" or "complete".


Nothing at all. They both have another different meaning though, so if you don't translate it right "zeer" could mean "pain" and "heel" could mean "whole."


They are usually interchangeable. here is an explanation https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5920779


Are you even kidding me... I got an X for saying, "He plays very good" -.-

Maybe my English isn't perfect but like seriously why is good not accepted? >:U

[deactivated user]

    I made the same mistake. :) You can't say that "you do something very good". You can be very good at something, but "you do something very well"


    Well yes, technically "good" is not an adverb but an adjective. But in spoken English we use it as an adverb quite often, whether or not it's technically correct.


    "Superman does good. You're doing well!" Easiest way to remember it ≧◡≦


    I know it, my English is just so bad. When I got to present perfect I failed the lesson a couple times because I said "I have swam" or "I have drinken" or "I have brang" ... My English is off the charts terrible lol.


    Haha it happens to everyone. Yesterday, I messed up on a sentence so badly that after getting marked wrong, a black box came up that said, "That is not proper English."


    Me too... I think you should attach an "-ly" to make an adverb out of an adjective. And because there is no "goodly", we say "well"


    I don't speak English okay omg

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    Can spelen in dutch mean also play an instrument?


    to play an instrument - een instrument (be)spelen. mostly we don't use 'bespelen' anymore, we're left with 'spelen'


    Is it possible for "zeer" to be translated as really versus just very? So: He plays really well.


    No, Dutch has a literal translation for 'really' in that sense:

    • He plays very well > hij speelt zeer goed
    • He plays really well > hij speelt echt goed


    Difference between erg against zeer and heel? I know the latter two are the same. But don't they both mean very?

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