"She left and never returned there again."

Translation:Elle est partie et n'y est plus jamais retournée.

July 8, 2020

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Why is it not 'retournee'


I had to select the words and it corrected me that I had a typo in my answer. Correct answer is retournée, but this version was not in the list of words to select.


I believe it should be, it's apparently an error.


Je ne sais pas. At first I thought it was the "direct object rule". But the only preceding object is y. And that's an indirect object, isn't it?

Plus, the helping verb is être so the D.O. rule shouldn't apply.


I entered "retournée" when responding to the spoken prompt ("Type what you hear") and it was accepted. When I responded to the written prompt ("Write this in French") it was marked wrong! "Retourné" was given as the "correct answer. "


I'm sure there's some odd French Grammar rule that explains why the word "retourné" doesn't have to agree with the feminine subject but I'm not aware of what it is. It's probably something like "Exception 23A to rule 32C.6 that applies on alternate Thursdays whenever "plus" precedes "jamais". But seriously, I'd like to know. Anyone out there? I really like Duolingo and find it very helpful but their silence in responding to questions like this is one reason why language learners become frustrated.


Frustrating, yes. But on the bright side, a scientific principle suggests that cognitively struggling with new material enhances retention. So maybe it's worthwhile, provided we are eventually told the correct answer.


I solved this with the wordbank, but "retournée" wasn't an option, only "retourné". So I used "retourné" and Duo accepted it, but said I had a typo.


"Elle est partie et n'y est jamais plus retournée" was accepted.


Let's hope another report will work.


My answer was accepted; I added the feminine "e" for agreement with the subject to be shown on both past participles, it was accepted but was given the above answer as an acceptable alternative. I now want to know why.


retournee is not offered as one of the choices


Seems to be a typo error There was one 'est' and one 'et' to chose from so unable to correctly make up the sentence


elle est partie et n'y est jamais retournée

elle est partie et n'y est jamais plus retournée

how to translate in english ?

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