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  5. "Are you fixing the lamp?"

"Are you fixing the lamp?"

Translation:Korjaatteko te lamppua?

July 8, 2020


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I think also "korjaatko lampun" should be right.


I would translate that to "Are you going to fix the the lamp?" or "Will you fix the lamp?", so I don't think that's correct

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Probably I am too Finn, because "korjaan lamppua" means for me "i do it but not properly. I'll leave it halfway.". That's why "korjaan lampun" (I repair the lamp. Completely!).


Your'e not "too Finn". I find your input very helpful! When I speak Finnish I want to sound (and think) like a Finn, not someone translating Finnish too literally from their native language.


Not really, in English the process is ongoing, one asks if you are in the process of fixing the lamp, and for that partitive "lamppua" is correct.

For "korjaatko lampun?" "Will you fix the lamp?" would indeed be better.


Question 1 : would it be preferable to translate "Korjaatko lamppua?" by "Are you fixing a lamp?" (i.e., the indefinite "a" instead of the definite "the")? Question 2 (related to the first question): I understand that the letter "a" at the end of lamppua signals the partitive case. However, I do not understand whether it is used to refer to an immediate (i.e., an ongoing) action or to an indefinite thing (i.e., a lamp instead of the lamp).


In "korjaatko lamppua?" the lamp can be translated either as "a lamp" or "the lamp".

To your second question, the partitive is used there more to signal an ongoing action, but with the genitive -n ending the "lamppu" would certainly also be more definite.

"Korjaatko lamppua?" - Are you fixing a/the lamp?

"Korjaatko lampun?" ~ do you intend to fix the lamp?


In other questions like this, the pronoun was also used. Just wondering why it isn't used here.


You only need to include a pronoun for the two 3rd person pronouns (hän and he)


That's my question..so this time no "te" sometimes it has to be in the question or it's "incorrect".


This is because the course is still in the beta stage and thus not finished (i.e. there are still a lot of missing alternatives etc.).


The moderators disappeared


"Sina korjaat" isn't right?


No, because that's not a question. Korjaatko sinä... would be.


Yes. But I got marked wrong for it... please fix it.

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