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"English really is a difficult language!"

Translation:Englanti todella on vaikea kieli!

July 8, 2020



Is there a difference between English really is a difficult language, and English is a really difficult language?


Yes. In the first sentence, "really" modifies "is", and in the second sentence, "really" modifies "difficult". The first sentence functions like a strong confirmation of someone else's claim that English is a difficult language (but not necessarily a really difficult language, although it's most likely implied), or that the speaker once doubted it but has since been convinced that it's true. The second sentence is the claim that English is not just difficult, but extremely difficult.


Not to most native English speakers.


Yes, English really is a difficult language is

Englanti todella on vaikea kieli.

Otherwise English is a really difficult language is

Englanti on tosi/todella vaikea kieli

:) hoe thus helped


Emphasis on 'really' for the first sentence. It makes it sound more apparent.


My Finnish wife says "todella on" and "on todella" would both be acceptable but they aren't in Duolingo. I've complained many times but it has not been changed. Word order in Finnish is a lot more flexible than Duolingo allows


Changing the word order of an adverb can change what it modifies, in both in English and in Finnish. In "Englanti todella on vaikea kieli", "todella" modifies "on", whereas in "Englanti on todella vaikea kieli", "todella" modifies "vaikea". This causes a subtle change in meaning.


Why is "Englanti on todella vaikia kieli" incorrect?

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