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  5. "Kaikki rakastavat sinua."

"Kaikki rakastavat sinua."

Translation:Everybody loves you.

July 8, 2020



As I understand, 'kaikki' is treated as a third-person pronoun. However, I've seen sentences that pair 'kaikki' with 'on' as well. So, does this mean that 'kaikki' can be both singular and plural in Finnish? Can I say 'Kaikki rakastaa sinua'?


In general it would be kaikki + plural when talking about everyone (like this sentence) and kaikki + singular when talking about everything (for example "Kaikki on hyvin" = "Everything is okay"). In spoken Finnish it's also okay to use kaikki + singular for everyone like in your sentence. From the context it's obvious that you mean everyone, not everything. But in written Finnish everyone should be kaikki + plural.


Thank you very much. Your answer was so informative :)


just wondering - is it possible to use kaikki with each plural form? like saying "kaikki haluamme sen/sitä" and "kaikki asutte Sveitsissä"?


In general yes but at least I would always use it with the pronoun - "me kaikki haluamme", "te kaikki asutte" etc. It sounds incomplete without the pronoun, although every Finn would understand what you're trying to say.

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