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  5. "Oh no, this glögi is cold."

"Oh no, this glögi is cold."

Translation:Voi ei, tämä glögi on kylmää.

July 8, 2020



You can translate glogi into ¨mulled wine¨


Apparently not: glögi in Finland is non-alcoholic, even if you can mix in your own wine later. I guess it's sort of "mulled wine mixer."

I grew up with the Swedish-style glögg, which is alcoholic enough to stun a moose at twenty paces, so it's taking a bit to re-translate the concept into glögi.


So I'm a bit lost: why partitive when we're talking about this glögi? And the partitive was used when talking about a "liter of green ice cream," too. Doesn't talking about a specific quantity or instance take it out of the realm of partitive?


'Kylmää' still needs to be in partitive because it describes a liquid.

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