"J'étais sur le point d'entrer quand j'ai vu un rat."

Translation:I was about to enter when I saw a rat.

July 8, 2020

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why not "at the point of entering"?


It might be grammatically correct but it's a direct/literal translation. "I was about to..." is better English.


More common, yes. But "at the point of entering" is synonymous, and perfectly valid in this case.


Maybe it's just me, but I'm more likely to say "I was about to go in" than "I was about to enter"...

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In French, can "rat" be used in the same sense of "rat" in English, as in a snitch? a stoolie?
To rat someone out?
To grass on someone?


No, "snitch" translates to mouchard and the hypothetic verb would require some ending (-er/-ir/-re). There's already a verb rater meaning "to miss" or "to fail", nothing to do with the rodent.


The don't ever use rat as a euphemism for people? Rat race, i smell a rat; also a mole is often used to say a spy. Who's the mole in this situation? I often feel like survivor, the show, has a mole that they need to get rid of to make things better.


Duo accepts I was just about to enter when I saw a rat. ✔️


Or, "To smell a rat..."? meaning something not right?


I was just about to enter...

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